Thursday, 19 April 2012


 I thought I would share my non scale victory with you all. I used to be a 'picker' if Liam was eating something different to me I would have a taste of what he was having, a couple of chips, a bite of sandwich, crust from a slice of pizza. Overtime this has got worse and become more frequent. I have never noticed an effect on my losses but the weeks of unexpected gains could have been down to that. On Monday I gained 2lb, I know it could have been down to the wedding but I didnt think I did that bad and I do think some of it is down to the picking (last week was a bad week for it!). After Mondays wi I decided to try my best to banish the picking and so far so good. Its still baby steps but all in the right direction. On Wednesday I had none of his chips or coselaw at Nandos (when we went last Saturday I had a few chips and couple of mouthfuls of coselaw). For lunch today he had a pizza and I love eating a few pieces of crust when hes eaten the pizza and today I had none - not even a bite. It is taking a lot of willpower but I am glad I am doing it and feeling very proud! It has taken a lot for my to share this with you and feeling better for doing so. Lets hope we see a big change in my losses from now!

I have been lucky that Ive managed to give up picking completely, for others it might not be that easy. But saying no just once a day or week is a start and it will get easier and easier over time. Every little thing you change is a step closer to your goal.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


 I have been thinking a lot recently about the changes I have noticed since the start of the year.

There are obvious weight changes, I have gone from 16 stone in July 2009 to 13 stone in April 2012.

There are obvious size changes, that can be seen from these measurements;
Waist 42inches - 35 inches - 7 inches lost
Thigh 30 - 27 - 3 inches lost
Calf 18 - 16 - 2 inches lost
Bust 40 - 36 4inches lost
Arm 16 - 13.5 - 2.4 inches lost

Also I have gone from a 20 on bottom to a 14 and a 18 on top to a 12/14.

There are physical changes that can be seen from this photo.

But I have been thinking about the changes that cannot be seen in photos, cannot be measured in pounds or inches, the mindset changes which I personally think are the most important changes as they they shape the weight losses and the inches losses.

I used to struggle a lot with weight loss, which is why its taken me so long but recently its changed and Ive lost a stone in the last 10 weeks, a new record for me!

My mindset has changed completely, I used to give into temptation so easily and never get anywhere.

Last night we went for tea as a family, me, my fiance, my mum and her partner and it was Wetherspoons, they had no salads left, no jacket potatos or rice so my options were blown! I decided to have nothing, and sat with my diet coke, it wasnt as bad as thought, so I waited, went home and had steak, jacket potato, mushroom and tomato. Much nicer and no syns! I was very proud of myself and evidence that I had changed.

I am a totally different person to what I was now, I think about things before I eat, think would I rather get a loss this week or enjoy bad food for a matter of minutes? I still use my syns and have the treats, but they are concious treats and controlled not overeating.

My exercise has changed too, I always had the mindset if I was not walking miles or doing a big gym session it was not worth doing. But I have decided a little exercise is better than non, I walk daily to work, around half a  mile from where I park my car and back again. I walk a lot at work, its a big hospital and lots of corridors. I also purchased an exercise bike on Thursday, I did 5 k in 15 minutes on Thursday and today, Saturday I did 5 k in 13 minutes so knocked 2 minutes off my time. Ive realised some exercise is better than non. Every little helps as they say!