Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week one

I have been back at Slimming World almost a week, its been a fairly easy week. There have been some temptations/challenges to overcome but overall a good week!

I am impressed with my commitment! I used to be quite laid back with my measurements of my healthy extras, with my 1/3 super free and with my syns. This week I have accurately weighed and measured everything that I needed to. I made sure I had 1/3 super free with every meal and if not straight after, even found a new liking for fruit mixed in with cereal! Every syn has been checked and counted before consuming - I am on a roll!

I feel a benefit, in my clothes, they feel baggier. My belly flatter, less bloated. Tons more energy and overall much happier. Very nervous about weigh in still though I guess that is just normal for anyone, I dont think the nerves ever go away.

On my first day I resisted the new oreo dairy milk which I am desperate to try, I resisted home made cake brought into work - and it was free! My favourite carrot cake too *sobs*. Yesterday we went out for lunch to Wetherspoons my plan was the 5 bean chilli with rice which is only 6 syns and delicious! They came and said there was no chilli left, I was gutted but like ok, I will have a jacket, none left, ok a salad! Nightmare! So instead of giving into to a panini or a burger, I had nothing and went to Morrisons and grabbed a sushi snack pack for 2 syns and a fruit salad. Felt very proud eating that and resisting temptation. A new me definitely.

Hoping it all pays off at tomorrows weigh in - watch this space!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A new me

I have now been back on Slimming World 3 days.
I rejoined Monday evening, I loved the class, the leader was really enthusiastic so I think I can finally finish what I started and get to my goal!
Monday after class we went out to Harvester for my final non SW meal, it consisted of lots of bread rolls, creamy potato salad, chicken and bacon in BBQ sauce, fries and an apple pie. It was delicous but so filling and then felt sickly. I was so excited to start SW again and not feel like that.
I am feeling like a different person, I am not having hardly any treats and the ones I do have are small and low syn like malteasers, options hot choc or low fat crisps. I am truly enjoying it, the break has done me the world of good!
I have been making sure I get 1/3 superfree with  every meal and actually enjoying it not just eating for the sake of it.
My breakfasts have been porridge, made up with a muller light and left over night to go creamy. It makes a very nice and filling breakfast, great for when you dont have much time on a morning like me.
Lunches have been a jacket, beans and salad bought at work or I have taken in a pasta and sauce made up with onions and mushrooms for superfree and then fruit for dessert.
I am a bit nervous about weigh in Monday as I am eating a bit more than I used to with Weight Watchers obviously but I have stuck to it 100% and should lose.
Tomorrow I am out for lunch which will either be Wetherspoons for their 5 bean chilli which is 6 syns or carvery which is fairly low syns. Also out Sunday which is Nandos so low syn chicken with skin removed and the rice. I think I will be ok!
My favourite moment this week was making my 2 favourite take away curries, chicken biryani & chicken korma. Both to die for an great swaps for take aways, I highly recommend them. Recipes can be found on
This weeks meals;
1. Snack of grapefruit and orange
2. Syn free chicken korma
3. Two weetabix and strawberries
4. Syn free fry up - bacon, beans, diced potatoes, egg & mushrooms
5. Porridge made with mullerlight and strawberries
6. Chips, beans & cheese

Sunday, 21 October 2012

With a little help from my friends

Its true, we all need a friend, sometimes our friends can help more than we/they realise! I was speaking to a friend, lets call her T :) T was asking why I was going back to Slimming World and I explained that I had the best losses, over 2.5 stone lost and its just easy - no question really. We spoke and found out she is rejoining too. To cut a long short, she had persuaded me to rejoin Slimming World properly at a class again found one round the corner on Mondays at 5:30 or 7:30 so if for any reason I am held up at work and cant make the 5:30 there is always 7:30 :) I am quite excited!
Will update how it goes tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I am back

I have decided to make a return to Slimming World. Weight watchers was ok but I struggled, I aren't discrediting it but different things work for different people. I lost 2.5 stone with Slimming World so that is the best results for me. Since leaving in March I have lost 4lb so I am happy to not have gained since leaving and happy to be back!

For those of you who do not know me I am a student radiographer, I spend time working full time at the NHS along with going to university full time so I am a lover of quick breakfasts, most of my lunches are eaten out (usually a packed lunch) and I love a big home cooked meal.

I will be posting any tips I have, photos of meals and weigh in updates.

I also have a Slimming World recipe blog, check it out for recipe inspiration :)

A few of my meals since I rejoined;

1. Jacket, beans and salad, pear & fanta zero from work
2. Pineapple
3. Strawberries & kiwis
4. Batchleors pasta n sauce with extra onion and 2 kiwis
5. Scrambelled egg with garlic and herb mushrooms
6. Chicken curry with rice and chips