Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week one

I have been back at Slimming World almost a week, its been a fairly easy week. There have been some temptations/challenges to overcome but overall a good week!

I am impressed with my commitment! I used to be quite laid back with my measurements of my healthy extras, with my 1/3 super free and with my syns. This week I have accurately weighed and measured everything that I needed to. I made sure I had 1/3 super free with every meal and if not straight after, even found a new liking for fruit mixed in with cereal! Every syn has been checked and counted before consuming - I am on a roll!

I feel a benefit, in my clothes, they feel baggier. My belly flatter, less bloated. Tons more energy and overall much happier. Very nervous about weigh in still though I guess that is just normal for anyone, I dont think the nerves ever go away.

On my first day I resisted the new oreo dairy milk which I am desperate to try, I resisted home made cake brought into work - and it was free! My favourite carrot cake too *sobs*. Yesterday we went out for lunch to Wetherspoons my plan was the 5 bean chilli with rice which is only 6 syns and delicious! They came and said there was no chilli left, I was gutted but like ok, I will have a jacket, none left, ok a salad! Nightmare! So instead of giving into to a panini or a burger, I had nothing and went to Morrisons and grabbed a sushi snack pack for 2 syns and a fruit salad. Felt very proud eating that and resisting temptation. A new me definitely.

Hoping it all pays off at tomorrows weigh in - watch this space!!!

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