Sunday, 11 November 2012

Back to it

Its been a mental few weeks. Sorry I have not had chance to update for a while. In my first week at Slimming World I lost 2.5lb and I was over the moon with this! It should have been my second weigh in last Monday but due to a horrendous two weeks due to personal problems I was not able to go so tomorrow will be my second weigh in.

I was not eating properly for a week or so but for the last 4-5 days I have been eating properly again and I am feeling lots better and can see a difference in my weight just hoping it shows on the scales tomorrow!

Below are a few of the meals I have had this week!

Gammon, beans and potatoes done in acti fry (syn free), bacon and tomato sandwich (healthy extra b for bread), bolognese bake (healthy extra a for cheese), cottage pie (syn free)

That's all for now, I will try not to leave it this long to update next time!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week one

I have been back at Slimming World almost a week, its been a fairly easy week. There have been some temptations/challenges to overcome but overall a good week!

I am impressed with my commitment! I used to be quite laid back with my measurements of my healthy extras, with my 1/3 super free and with my syns. This week I have accurately weighed and measured everything that I needed to. I made sure I had 1/3 super free with every meal and if not straight after, even found a new liking for fruit mixed in with cereal! Every syn has been checked and counted before consuming - I am on a roll!

I feel a benefit, in my clothes, they feel baggier. My belly flatter, less bloated. Tons more energy and overall much happier. Very nervous about weigh in still though I guess that is just normal for anyone, I dont think the nerves ever go away.

On my first day I resisted the new oreo dairy milk which I am desperate to try, I resisted home made cake brought into work - and it was free! My favourite carrot cake too *sobs*. Yesterday we went out for lunch to Wetherspoons my plan was the 5 bean chilli with rice which is only 6 syns and delicious! They came and said there was no chilli left, I was gutted but like ok, I will have a jacket, none left, ok a salad! Nightmare! So instead of giving into to a panini or a burger, I had nothing and went to Morrisons and grabbed a sushi snack pack for 2 syns and a fruit salad. Felt very proud eating that and resisting temptation. A new me definitely.

Hoping it all pays off at tomorrows weigh in - watch this space!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A new me

I have now been back on Slimming World 3 days.
I rejoined Monday evening, I loved the class, the leader was really enthusiastic so I think I can finally finish what I started and get to my goal!
Monday after class we went out to Harvester for my final non SW meal, it consisted of lots of bread rolls, creamy potato salad, chicken and bacon in BBQ sauce, fries and an apple pie. It was delicous but so filling and then felt sickly. I was so excited to start SW again and not feel like that.
I am feeling like a different person, I am not having hardly any treats and the ones I do have are small and low syn like malteasers, options hot choc or low fat crisps. I am truly enjoying it, the break has done me the world of good!
I have been making sure I get 1/3 superfree with  every meal and actually enjoying it not just eating for the sake of it.
My breakfasts have been porridge, made up with a muller light and left over night to go creamy. It makes a very nice and filling breakfast, great for when you dont have much time on a morning like me.
Lunches have been a jacket, beans and salad bought at work or I have taken in a pasta and sauce made up with onions and mushrooms for superfree and then fruit for dessert.
I am a bit nervous about weigh in Monday as I am eating a bit more than I used to with Weight Watchers obviously but I have stuck to it 100% and should lose.
Tomorrow I am out for lunch which will either be Wetherspoons for their 5 bean chilli which is 6 syns or carvery which is fairly low syns. Also out Sunday which is Nandos so low syn chicken with skin removed and the rice. I think I will be ok!
My favourite moment this week was making my 2 favourite take away curries, chicken biryani & chicken korma. Both to die for an great swaps for take aways, I highly recommend them. Recipes can be found on
This weeks meals;
1. Snack of grapefruit and orange
2. Syn free chicken korma
3. Two weetabix and strawberries
4. Syn free fry up - bacon, beans, diced potatoes, egg & mushrooms
5. Porridge made with mullerlight and strawberries
6. Chips, beans & cheese

Sunday, 21 October 2012

With a little help from my friends

Its true, we all need a friend, sometimes our friends can help more than we/they realise! I was speaking to a friend, lets call her T :) T was asking why I was going back to Slimming World and I explained that I had the best losses, over 2.5 stone lost and its just easy - no question really. We spoke and found out she is rejoining too. To cut a long short, she had persuaded me to rejoin Slimming World properly at a class again found one round the corner on Mondays at 5:30 or 7:30 so if for any reason I am held up at work and cant make the 5:30 there is always 7:30 :) I am quite excited!
Will update how it goes tomorrow!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I am back

I have decided to make a return to Slimming World. Weight watchers was ok but I struggled, I aren't discrediting it but different things work for different people. I lost 2.5 stone with Slimming World so that is the best results for me. Since leaving in March I have lost 4lb so I am happy to not have gained since leaving and happy to be back!

For those of you who do not know me I am a student radiographer, I spend time working full time at the NHS along with going to university full time so I am a lover of quick breakfasts, most of my lunches are eaten out (usually a packed lunch) and I love a big home cooked meal.

I will be posting any tips I have, photos of meals and weigh in updates.

I also have a Slimming World recipe blog, check it out for recipe inspiration :)

A few of my meals since I rejoined;

1. Jacket, beans and salad, pear & fanta zero from work
2. Pineapple
3. Strawberries & kiwis
4. Batchleors pasta n sauce with extra onion and 2 kiwis
5. Scrambelled egg with garlic and herb mushrooms
6. Chicken curry with rice and chips

Friday, 3 August 2012

Weekly weigh in

I thought I would start posting my weekly weigh ins.

Starting weight with weight watchers : 13 stone 5
Weight lost this week: 5.5lb
Total loss: 8.5lb

I cannot believe this! I am very shocked and it was well worth resisting pizza for! 5.5lb to my stone award!

Since I started my weight loss journey Ive lost 3st 3.5lb, my BMI has gone from 39.7 to 31.5, a size 20 to a size 12/14 and miserable to happy :D

Recipe: Creamy broccoli soup

3pp - makes one big portion or 2 smaller portions

400g broccoli (fresh or frozen)
1 onion
1 tsp of garlic granules
350ml of boiling water
1 vegetable stock cube
100g light evaporated milk (3pp)
Salt & pepper

1. Chop the onion finely, add the garlic and 50ml water and simmer for 10 minutes
2. Mix the vegetable stock with the remaining 300ml water and add to the pan with the chopped broccoli
3. Simmer for 10 minutes until the broccoli is soft but still green.
4. Remove from the heat, add salt and pepper and blend till smooth.
5. Whisk in the evaporated milk and serve immediately.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

12 months

I have had a crazy 12 months, so much has happened and changed since 1st August 2012, good and bad.

Good -
I got into university to do my dream degree
I bought my first house
I became an auntie for a second time

My parents divorced
My grandma got diagnosed with terminal cancer
My great grandma passed away
My grandma passed away

There seems to be more bad than good but in a way that a blessing in disguise. The bad things are terrible but they have made my braver, stronger and have changed my forever. These events will stick with me for life as they've shaped my future. The bad have come in my way and made my first year of university a struggle but in here, alive and I got through it so I know next year at university things will be better.

My grandmas cancer could be linked to her gastric band surgery and acid reflux which spurs me on to lose weight and not have to take drastic action.

I truly believe everything does happen for a reason!

Here's to the next 12 months!

Recipe - Turkey meatballs and a vegetable sauce

This recipe is full of fresh ingredients, the main ingredient is turkey which is very lean and cheap and lots of low cost vegetables. I found it very satisfying and filling and look forward to trying again.

Serves 2, 12pp per person on Weight Watchers or syn free on Slimming World.

400g Turkey mince (14pp)
500g baking potatoes (10pp)
1 packet of mushroom
1 red pepper
1 onion
Mixed herbs
Garlic granules
1 tub of passata
Salt and pepper
Fry light

1. Chop up the red pepper finely, add half to the turkey mince and half into a large pan.
2. Mix the turkey mince, mixed herbs, salt and pepper and red pepper until well mixed, shape into 14 balls then set aside.
3. Sliced the mushrooms and chop the onion finely and add to the pan with the red pepper.
4. Cube the potatoes and mix with the mix herbs, fry light, garlic and salt and pepper - I cooked mine in the actifry for 15 minutes but they can be cooked in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
5. Start the potatoes cooking, the vegetables and start to fry the meatballs in a frying pan with fry light.
6. When the vegetables have softened add the tub of passata.
7. Fry the meatballs 10-15 minutes until browned then added to the pan of sauce.
8. Cook the meatballs in the sauce for 10 minutes, the sauce with thicken and reduce.
9. Serve immediately with the potatoes.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last night I had a bad craving for this gorgeous curry pizza from our local take away. It's so amazing and I've had it in my head 3 days so I have been doing well resisting but last night it almost got too much. Thanks to twitter & Facebook friends I resisted, had some fruit and went to bed.

Resisting temptation is very difficult and is something to be proud of every time you do it. This morning I feel very happy that I did not have it and I'm sure my body thanks me too!

Top tips to resist temptation;
1. Have a think, do you really want this, will it make you feel better?
2. Think how bad it will make you fe, can you hold back on treats the rest of the week just for one treat?
3. Wait an hour or so, if in an hour you still want it then maybe buys chances are you will have changed your mind.
4. Would you go out & get it? No? Is it just convenience because you can?
5. Is it worth it? It will probably make you feel bad and you will probably regret it.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


To most people weight watchers is tempting and appealing because of the convenience foods. we do not always have time to cook meals from scratch and time to time I do have them and they are enjoyable.

Tonight when I was prepping tea I realized how much I enjoyed cooking with fresh ingredients from scratch to produce a great meal. The variety of colours in fresh vegetables and the smell of them lovely!

Now I have six weeks off I am looking forward to cooking majority of means from fresh over the coming weeks.

Tonights tea prepeating, top to bottom - my vegetable sauce, herbed potatoes and turkey meatballs.

Monday, 30 July 2012


Isn't it funny how things can change from day to day? Yesterday was a tough diet day, I felt hungry all day, partially down to a lot of exercise and partially down to boredom, I ended up using 9pp of my weeklies which isn't the end of the world but I knew I was not hungry. I thought that's it, its going to be a long week of feeling hungry down to boredom etc.

Today I woke up and knew I had a week of revision ahead which I thought might cause more hunger but in fact it has been the opposite. I got up and had a 4pp breakfast of toast and coffee, did 45 minutes revision, had a 30 minute walk where I earned 3pp, came home did another 45 minutes revision and before I knew it, it was lunch time. I had a lovely 6pp lunch of soup and toast with a big fruit salad, yet more revision, physiotherapy session and now its 3:30pm, about to do revision till 5pm then it will be tea time. After tea all my dailies will be used but then we are at the cinema and after that it is time for bed so will not need my weeklies. A totally different day to yesterday and feeling very focused. Hope the rest of the week works out like this!

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Prior planning prevents piss poor performance - 6 Ps - essential I think!

Not everyone can plan a whole week in advance but even planning day by day can make such a big difference.

Not everyone likes to plan, they like to see what they want at each meal time, if this is the case then it's best to have plenty of good food in so you can have a healthy meal.

When I did not used to plan at lunch times it's what do you want? I don't know? Oh let's go out for lunch which leads to unhealthy meals, luckily I am now much stronger so make good choices eating out. At 6pm it can be the same, what to have for tea? It's Late, you can't decide do take away is ordered. Having good food in or planning ahead can make sure these situations are avoided.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Weight Watchers product review

I have tried lots of Weight Watchers products and have been satisfied with all, some make great replacements for high calorie treats some not so much but are still great products. Below are my reviews of a few and will publish more as and when I try them.

Thick sliced wholemeal loaf

Thick Sliced Wholemeal Loaf

This is my favourite bread out of them all! Its very versatile, great for toasting, making sandwiches with and dunking in soup! If your not keen on wholemeal there is a white version for the same pro points per slice but I am yet to find this anywhere I shop. OtherWeight Watchers breads can be a bit flimsy and less versatile so this is the one I buy the most and I prefer.

White danish loaf

White Danish Loaf

In all honesty I do not rate this bread. It is very flimsy, does not toast well and does not make good sandwiches. This is what I purchase if thick is unavailable, it is lower in pro points but I would prefer to use more pro points on the thicker as it is more substantial. I was not very full after this, it went very crispy when I toast and broke into many pieces when buttered - not a big fan!


Original Bagels
I find these so addictive! They are so lovely, taste no different to your average bagel and only 4 propoints! I highly recommend these, they are gorgeous with butter on for breakfast and make a lovely sandwich too if you are wanting something a bit different.

Premium pork sausages

Premium Pork Sausages

For low fat sausages I find these very enjoyable. I have heard comments about them being dry and tasteless but I did not find this true. I have had them as part of a cooked breakfast and with mash and gravy and find them lovely! They are very well seasoned and a firm favourite for 1 pro point per sausage - not bad for a sausage!

Chicken fajita wrap

Chicken Fajita Wrap

I love, love, love this wrap! Full of soured cream and chicken very authentic Mexican taste. I have had these several times for lunch and love them every time. I do not think 7 pro points is bad for lunch and I was satisfied as part of my lunch along with fruit and a yogurt. They are not too spicy but do have the Mexican kick!

Southern fried chicken wrap

Southern Style Chicken Wrap

This wrap is very nice also. I do prefer the fajita but this has crispy southern fried chicken and lovely BBQ sauce, my only criticism would be more BBQ sauce as it was very thin on the ground and did not get much of a taste of it.

Ham and soft cheese sandwich

Ham and Soft Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich was tasty, made a change for it to be on flat bread rather than normal bread but it was not very satisfying. I enjoyed it and the tastes were good but it was not a very filling meal and I was very hungry after this, not worth 7 pro points in my opinion.

Chicken tikka

Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice

This is part of the chilled meals range, I was not expecting much from a microwave curry but I was pleasantly surprised! It was very nice, authentic curry flavours and something I would definitely try again, a bit high on pro points but not bad as an evening meal.

Reduced fat cheese slices

Reduced Fat Mature Cheese Slices

I used these cheese slices as part of a ham, cheese and pickle wrap. They were very nice, just what you would expect from a cheese slice, they were not like plastic as some people may think. Not sure what they are like for melting as I have not tried this but will let you know when I do.

Thin & crisp hot & spicy pizza

Thin & Crispy Hot & Spicy Chicken Pizza (9in)

I had this when my family had take away pizza and I did not feel left out. The pizza is a decent size, it is not like cardboard as people may think, it was divine. If people need a pizza fix this is the way to go. 12 pro points is not bad compared to what a take away pizza would be. I would have this again and would like to try the BBQ chicken pizza but have yet to see this in store.

Ice cream wave

Ice Cream Wave
I loved this item. Based on a vienetta, it is a great substitute. Plenty of chocolate, very creamy and a decent size for 3 pro points. I will definitely be having these again.

Sicilian lemonade

Sicilian Lemonade (2 litre)

I love this. Still lemonade, lots of lemon taste and 0 pro points - cannot go wrong. I found this very refreshing on a hot afternoon, rare in England I know. If your wanting a still soft drink I would recommend this.

Hot chocolate with real chocolate sachet

Hot Chocolate Drink with real chocolate (Sachet)

I am a big fan of the options hot chocolates but this was lovely. Much more creamier and more of a real chocolate taste compared to options. As it says in the name made with real chocolate and it really satisfies your chocolate craving for only 1 pro point. I have tried the mint flavour too which is just as nice.

A new start

I recently joined Weight Watchers, I did great on Slimming World - 3 stone lost but I needed something new, a new challenge. I was worried about Weight Watchers  but I am loving it, I joined 5 weeks ago but in that time I lived in hospice for a week with my grandma very sick, my grandma passed away, it was my 21st birthday and I went to London - there was never really a good time to start.

I decided Saturday 7th July would be my official starting date, after London, in my first week I lost 5lb!!!! This was a combination of the Weight Watchers plan and swimming 200 lengths. I am doing a sponsored swim throughout July and August but I do plan to keep up the swimming after (you can find out more about my swim at I was so shocked with 5lb, I was expecting 2-3lb. Needless to say this big loss and spurred me on for the week ahead.

In the past I used weigh day as treat day and had a big blow out, today that didn't happen, I stuck to my 29 daily points and used 2 weeklies today. I have had a very busy day and earned 7 activity points - very impressed with myself.

Today's time line -

7:30am - Got up and used 2pp on a Weight Watchers  fruit crumble bar
8am - Swam 50 lengths in an hour earning 4 activity pro points
10am - Breakfast - 30g special K 3pp, 1 grapefruit 0pp
10:30am - Went for a walk in town
11:30am - A 50 minute, 2.5 mile walk around the local park earning me 3 activity pro points
12:30pm _ Lunch at Harvester - simply chicken, a chicken breast, baked potato and peas - 14pp and lots of 0pp salad
2pm - Cinema to see ice age, snack of Weight Watchers mini cookies 2pp
5pm - Home - 30 minutes weeding for 3 activity pro points and 10 minutes lawn mowing for 1 activity pro points
6:30pm - Dinner - Weight Watchers chicken curry for 8pp
7:30pm - Snack of 3 satsumas and 1/2 a honey dew melon 0pp
8:30pm - Supper, 4 Weight Watchers crackers 2pp and 10g of Weight Watchers daily spread 0pp

Total of 31pp used and 7pp earned.

A very busy and happy day but very tiring too!

This blog will be filled with Weight Watchers information, tips, recipes and reviews of products I have tried, any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Weight Watchers points are calculated on your age, height and weight and everyone gets the same 49 weekly points. Having the weekly points is very useful and what made me give Weight Watchers a try. I was always scared of being hungry, using my points and being hungry still and having to go to bed early! I can honestly say I have never felt that way! I fill out my meals with 0pp fruit and vegetables to fill me and make them go further and if I am hungry after meals I use my daily or weekly pro points for a snack or snack on fruit - its working for me.

My next entry will be reviews of some of the food I have tried and next my meals.

You can find me on facebook Jess Slimming Collings with all my food photos and regular updates and also on twitter @polkadot26 or email all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


 I thought I would share my non scale victory with you all. I used to be a 'picker' if Liam was eating something different to me I would have a taste of what he was having, a couple of chips, a bite of sandwich, crust from a slice of pizza. Overtime this has got worse and become more frequent. I have never noticed an effect on my losses but the weeks of unexpected gains could have been down to that. On Monday I gained 2lb, I know it could have been down to the wedding but I didnt think I did that bad and I do think some of it is down to the picking (last week was a bad week for it!). After Mondays wi I decided to try my best to banish the picking and so far so good. Its still baby steps but all in the right direction. On Wednesday I had none of his chips or coselaw at Nandos (when we went last Saturday I had a few chips and couple of mouthfuls of coselaw). For lunch today he had a pizza and I love eating a few pieces of crust when hes eaten the pizza and today I had none - not even a bite. It is taking a lot of willpower but I am glad I am doing it and feeling very proud! It has taken a lot for my to share this with you and feeling better for doing so. Lets hope we see a big change in my losses from now!

I have been lucky that Ive managed to give up picking completely, for others it might not be that easy. But saying no just once a day or week is a start and it will get easier and easier over time. Every little thing you change is a step closer to your goal.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


 I have been thinking a lot recently about the changes I have noticed since the start of the year.

There are obvious weight changes, I have gone from 16 stone in July 2009 to 13 stone in April 2012.

There are obvious size changes, that can be seen from these measurements;
Waist 42inches - 35 inches - 7 inches lost
Thigh 30 - 27 - 3 inches lost
Calf 18 - 16 - 2 inches lost
Bust 40 - 36 4inches lost
Arm 16 - 13.5 - 2.4 inches lost

Also I have gone from a 20 on bottom to a 14 and a 18 on top to a 12/14.

There are physical changes that can be seen from this photo.

But I have been thinking about the changes that cannot be seen in photos, cannot be measured in pounds or inches, the mindset changes which I personally think are the most important changes as they they shape the weight losses and the inches losses.

I used to struggle a lot with weight loss, which is why its taken me so long but recently its changed and Ive lost a stone in the last 10 weeks, a new record for me!

My mindset has changed completely, I used to give into temptation so easily and never get anywhere.

Last night we went for tea as a family, me, my fiance, my mum and her partner and it was Wetherspoons, they had no salads left, no jacket potatos or rice so my options were blown! I decided to have nothing, and sat with my diet coke, it wasnt as bad as thought, so I waited, went home and had steak, jacket potato, mushroom and tomato. Much nicer and no syns! I was very proud of myself and evidence that I had changed.

I am a totally different person to what I was now, I think about things before I eat, think would I rather get a loss this week or enjoy bad food for a matter of minutes? I still use my syns and have the treats, but they are concious treats and controlled not overeating.

My exercise has changed too, I always had the mindset if I was not walking miles or doing a big gym session it was not worth doing. But I have decided a little exercise is better than non, I walk daily to work, around half a  mile from where I park my car and back again. I walk a lot at work, its a big hospital and lots of corridors. I also purchased an exercise bike on Thursday, I did 5 k in 15 minutes on Thursday and today, Saturday I did 5 k in 13 minutes so knocked 2 minutes off my time. Ive realised some exercise is better than non. Every little helps as they say!

Friday, 20 January 2012


I think everyone has been subject to sabotage at some point, I know I have. A friend or family member encouraging you to stop losing weight or for you to have a day off plan.

Some friends and family will be doing this intentionally because they are worried about you, some will do it intentionally because they are jealous and other will do it without even realising they are doing it.

The problem is, how do I get around this? Getting around this will not always be simple, the first step is to say no, simple say you do not want whatever they are offering you, they may take offence or be unhappy with you, just explain, explain your doing very well at the moment and you do not want to ruin your hard work. You do not have to be left out, for example if your at a coffee shop and they are eating cakes, have a fruit salad or offer to share with someone so its half the portion.

If you have explain before and they still are not getting it and their sabotaging efforts are getting more regular, have a word with them. Maybe they do realise they are doing it and will be shocked when you speak to them, when you have spoke to them they may realise that they are upsetting you and stop it. If they do realise and are not willing to stop (which I find unlikely) you can discuss their reasons. You can explain your happy losing the weight, you can tell them why you are losing the weight and reassure them that it is healthy and you will not go too far.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Guilt - the state of being responsible for committing an offence.

The above definition of guilt is a bit extreme for guilt relating to our weight loss journeys but for some people the guilt of giving into temptation does feel like a big offence.

We have all given in at one time, had a big blow out or just gone over our syns and I bet at one time or another one of us has felt a tremendous amount of guilt over giving in.

So how do we deal with this guilt? Move on! It was one mistake, it has happened and cannot be undone. Just forget it, accept it has happened and learn from it so it does not happen next time. Make sure you get on plan at your next meal, if you have gone off track at lunch then make your evening meal an on plan meal, do not wait till tomorrow or the guilt will be worse which will make it harder to get back on track.

Guilt is a horrible feeling, we all feel it at some point but the best way it to forget and get back on plan and the next possible time.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Temptation is something we all face everyday, some of us more than once a day. It is a very tricky situation, it is a fabulous feeling if we resist, we feel proud and like we can take on the world!

If we give into temptation, we feel happy for a short while, it tastes so good, we feel so happy. Then we finish, the happiness is replaced with guilt we feel sick, sad and regret giving in. We wish for a magical time machine to go back and resist.

It takes so much will power to resist something, if there is a fruit bowl for dessert or ice cream, I bet most of us would want the ice cream. If we resist, we sometimes sit for a while afterwards thinking about the temptation, in some ways regretting our decision and maybe wishing we had given in. The feeling is short term, eventually regret is replaced with feeling proud and we are glad we resisted.

Next time it will be easier, we all face temptations whether we are new members or target members but the more we resist the easier it gets. It will never be pain free, there will always be a tiny bit of doubt as to whether we should have eaten a chocolate brownie all to ourselves but we will feel happier than we would have if we had eaten it and our waist will thank us too ;)

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Being positive is very difficult sometimes. When something negative happens it is very difficult to look past the bad things and find something good, a silver lining no matter how small. Not just in everyday life but in our weight loss journeys.

For example, you have had an amazing week, you have counted every syn and eaten lots of super free and exercised, yet the scales say a maintain of weight. You instantly forget you did everything you could and more and focus on the negativity that you did not lose any weight. Your not alone, a lot of us do this, instead why not forget it and move on, do the same this week and I bet you see the results next week. If you sit and think, there will be a reason behind not getting your results, you might not be able to think immediately but maybe later on, ping, it will come to you.

Sometime it is a struggle to stay on plan, things come up so you cannot make something healthy, other people make your food or it is just simply unavoidable. Do not fret, get on plan again as soon as you can, forget the time off plan and just draw a line and a fresh start. I could not stay on plan Friday or Saturday and it was completely out of my control but today I woke up, got back on it and forget the other two days, there is no need to throw a whole weeks hard work away just for a simple slip up. I am not expecting a loss this week but I know I will not gain as I have taken control.

Try this also in your personal life, it is not always easy but it is possible. If something bad happens, look for the positive side, sometimes it is very hard to find them but nine times out of ten there is something positive to look for. 

Remember...always look for that silver lining....

Thursday, 12 January 2012


We all have one main common goal to lose weight and get to our target weight. Some people focus too much on the end goal, it sometimes makes more sense to, things that can be achieved sooner to spur you on.

For example, doing regular exercise. That was my mini goal and I now do 30-60 minutes a day and really enjoy it.

Also aim for each half a stone (7lb) goal, then every time you reach a new half a stone goal you will get a sense of achievement.

Focusing on mini goals instead of the end is a simpler way to look at things and you will be at your own goal in no time if you focus on the mini goals to get you there.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


We all have our reasons for wanting to lose weight; to be happier, to be healthier, to fit into a certain dress size, to be able to wear nice clothes, to be able to play with our children etc. Everyone has their own unique reason for doing it and something that pushes them closer to their goal everyday.

I have a combination of reasons, some other people will share such as wanting to be able to wear nice clothes without feeling like a hippo and being able to feel confident in myself. I also my main personal reason that I would like to share.

In November 2009 I went to the doctors for my 6 month pill review, she took my weight 16 stone (I almost died of shocked, I'd never been over 15 7!), my height and my blood pressure. I was around 6.5 stones over weight, my blood pressure was just into the high category and my BMI was 39.7, I was obese. The doctor then explained to me that I had gained half a stone in 6 months and my BMI and blood pressure had both increased. The pill I was on was no longer any good, I had suffered bad side affects from it and wanted to change to another pill that was not known for the side affects I had experienced and also reduced bloated which is always a plus! Then the bad news, my BMI had to be under 35 to be able to take it, over 35 I was risking heart attack, blood clots and stroke. At aged 17 it is shocking knowing these. A week later I joined Slimming World.

Slowly and surely I have been losing weight, it has been a long journey but I am proud to say I am now 13 stone 7.5lb, my blood pressure is normal and my BMI is 33.5 that's 6.2 points dropped! I have 3.5 points to drop into the overweight category and I know I will do that, that's around 1.5 stone to lose.

I feel very confident that I will get to my goal, oh and in case you are wondering I did get put on the pill due to lowering my BMI.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Obsessive weighing

We are all guilty of a sneaky mid week weigh in at some point. Is it really good? One of my friends admitted to weighing herself up to 3 times everyday and another had a sneaky weigh in and was disappointed with the result.

Some people can get weighed midweek see a result their not happy with but think that's ok I've done everything right & I will get a good result but for others it's the be all end all, they see the result think sod it I won't get the result I wanted on weigh in day so I'm giving in now.

I personally think if you can't do it and move on and keep your head on track don't do it. I do it now and again but ever regularly.

Weight fluctuates through the day and day to day that's why we only weigh in weekly for the accuracy.

On Monday I did an experiment, I got weighed several times throughout the day and here were my results;
9am (when I woke up) - 13 st 7 (0.5 loss since Friday weigh in)
1pm (before lunch) - 13st 8 (1lb on since this morning)
3pm (after lunch) -13 st 10.5 (3.5lb on since this morning)
6pm (after dinner) - 13st 11 (4lb on since this morning)
10pm (before bed) - 13st 11 (4lb on since this morning)

Weight difference between waking up & going to bed - 4lb on

I got weighed again this morning (Tuesday) and I was at 13st 6.

I know some people will always weigh themselves obsessively but I just wanted to give an insight into fluctuation throughout the day.

Binge eating

'A binge is any behaviour related to excess'

We are all capable of binge eating at some point, not always to the extreme of someone who has an eating disorder but of some description. Binge eating is what got us to the size we were, eating excess of everything, even good things can be come bad in excess.

Some people just binge eat generally, but for most of us their is a trigger - usually an emotional trigger. When we are upset or stressed because eating makes us happy and binge eating makes us forget about the upset and stress temporarily. But is it worth it? When the happiness wears off you then feel sick, fat and even more upset that before.

Some people who have/are still losing weight have been known to still binge, after weigh ins as a 'treat' or on bad days and class is as a 'flexi day'. My binge used to be a post weigh in treat, a big Chinese, a pizza & chips, pretty much anything I wanted. I still lost weight but only 0.5lb - 1lb a week. I recently gave up binging, approximately 7/8 weeks ago and since then my losses are 2-3lb so the evidence is there.

Binging isn't healthy, whether you have a lot to loose or you are at target, it is still unhealthy. Physically it is as your overloading your body with excess you do not need, but also mentally, binge eating is not mentally healthy especially if you cannot see the problem.

Some people have serious problems with binge eating and just stopping will not help them, they need long term care and help to get over their issues but for others - like me its pretty simple...STOP!

Of course I did not just go cold turkey and stop straight away, it is a gradual thing. At my worst point my binges lasted all day - eating whatever I wanted all day without a thought of what I was actually consuming. My first reduction was to a syn free, healthy breakfast and a 'what ever I like' binge meals for lunch and dinner, eventually just dinner, then just a little treat and now nothing unless it is synned and within my daily allowance.

It is hard work, it does take a lot of will power and motivation but it is POSSIBLE!

If anyone does struggle with this and does need help, you can always message me, I am happy to help in anyway I can.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


In 2011 I did very little exercise, a few walks here & there and the race for life but nothing regular. On the 1st January 2012 I decided to change this and do something daily unless something got in the way (illness etc) and today is 8th January and I have managed something everyday, nothing major but at least something that I can count as exercise.

My daily exercise ranges from a wii game to a 2 mile walk. I am feeling massive benefits physically, emotionally and mentally.

Physically I lost 3lb in my first weigh in since starting the regular exercise, my calves and thighs are becoming more toned and I have more stamina and I am less out of breath.

Emotionally I am happier in general,I have a lot of personal upset with my grandmas terminal illness and my parents divorce and stress from university but this is affecting me less, I am learning to try and see the positives in every situation and try not to let things get to me. I can honestly say I have only noticed these changes since starting the exercise.

My relationship has also improved, we laugh more, we are happier and I am
Over the moon!

Finally, mentally, I am in a much better place. I have much more motivation with Slimming World, I am more motivated to succeed and reach my goal and to resist temptations as I do not want to undo the hard work I have done with the exercise. My motivation in everyday life has also increased, , my house is the tidiest it's been since I moved in six months ago!

I cannot recommend exercise enough, you do not need to do much, I am for at least 30 minutes a day but something is better than nothing! I feel a different person since starting regular exercise.

The benefits are endless!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A day in the life of a slimmer

A day in the life of a slimmer.

I thought it would be good to give you an insight into my day, obviously not in detail but things related to weight loss.

This morning I am having a syn full breakfast - I am doing a McDonalds free 2012 and my biggest addiction was their new breakfast wraps which are a whopping 29 syns! Today I am making my own low syn version - it will consist of 1 weight watchers tortilla wrap (4.5 syns) , a thin egg omelette , 2 slices low low cheese (healthy extra a), 2 slices of bacon - fat removed, 1 eat smart sausage meat removed and flattened (0.5 syn), 1 hash brown (4.5 syns) & 1/2 tbsp ketchup (0.5 syn) - 10 syns - massive saving on the real McDonalds and much tastier! Everything is cooked before it goes into the wrap then just folded up ! Yummy!

Actually got up later after writing this so I skipped breakfast (naughty me!) as I was going out for lunch!

This afternoon we are having a meal out, we decided on Pizza Hut, used to be a big demon for me but not today.
I decided to have their new pizzerra- under 500 cals, I had a vegetarian pizza which was gorgeous & around 22 syns seems a lot but it was very filling better than 12 syns a slice for a normal pizza. It was very filling and after I felt nicely full not sick & bloated like I would feel after a full pizza. 22 syns for something nice better than 48 syns for half a regular pizza. I also filled up on lots of free salad - always a bonus!

This afternoon I finally got a fridge freezer , we've had a fridge & a freezer but fridge was inside & freezer outside as when we moved in they were donated to us to save us money but 6 months on we got out fridge freezer. As our freezer was outside in the out house we were reluctant to use it as it was so cold to get out but now it's inside we can batch cook & get lots of frozen bits to save money :) I love having it so this afternoon I went to farm foods & I got ;
- 12 slices of bacon
- broccoli
- cabbage
- carrots x2
-casserole veg
- diced cooked chicken
- curly fries (7.5 syns for 100g - a nice treat)
- quorn mince
- quorn sf chicken burgers (2.5)
- hash browns (4.5 syn)

All good to have veg in so no worrying what's in!

Now I'm making tea 1 quorn burger (2.5) & 100g curly fries (7.5 syns) that's 10 syns for tea.

Decided to use my syns better and had 2 quorn Burgers (5 syns) & scruffy chips using extra virgin olive oil as my healthy extra b so thats 27 syns used. This week I'm starting with a total of 105 syns and knocking down so that's 78 syns left for 5 days! Not bad

My day is coming to an end, I have just done 30 minutes exercise on just dance 3 on the Kinect.

I have had a green day today so I am going to have my second healthy b & a and have cheese on toast ! Then it's time to chill & watch a film!

Hope you all enjoy a little insight into my day!

Slimming student

I am a university student so there are extra struggles with weight loss, money and keeping on plan.

My saving grace is uni meals, £1.59 for a jacket beans & salad - bargain ! Saves me money and keeps me on plan!I

I get up at 6 for uni but I try my best to have a big breakfast usually cereal and fruit if I can face it which can be difficult at 6am!

Uni is a 1.5 mile walk, 90% uphill so uni does provide me plenty of exercise which I am very grateful for

In my bag I take some fruit for our 10am break and sometimes after uni nip into the shop near the train station for fruit for way home as by 4pm I'm
Very tired and have 2 hours till I get home so need to be prepared in case hunger hits!

Sometimes days at uni slimming are difficult but majority are focussed, my friends know I'm doing Slimming world so keep me on track :)!

Just because your a student doesn't mean weight loss cant happen or should be hard!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A fat girls guide to exercise

I put my hands up, I am not great with exercise and I am sure I am not the only one! If I was good at exercise I probably would not have gained as much weight, I love the idea of exercise but doing it is a different thing.

The hardest part of exercise is getting started, getting up off that sofa and actually doing something.

Exercise from home
A starting point for novices is exercising from home, this is also an easier option for people who work long hours or people with children and want to get a work out when the children are in bed.

The best investment you could make for exercise at home is a wii or a xbox kinect, I have both and love things about both, not sure I could choose between them. The advantage over a kinect is it is motion sensor so you do not need to have a control but the wii has wii fit which is great for exercise.

I try to do at least 30 minutes on a day on either of these. My favourite games for exercise at wii fit or your shape for kinect, they feature games but also proper exercise workouts which is perfect. Another great thing for exercise is dancing games, your burning calories but having fun and not really realising your exercising - its great!

They are constantly bringing out new dance and workout games so you will never be bored and at least other games can be bought so all the family can use it :)

Exercise outdoors

If you have time and can brave the outdoors then this is really effective way to exercise. The best way to start is get a pair of decent trainers and start walking, short distances to start and slowly extending it every time to push yourself, summer is coming so you have no excuses that the weather is too cold!

Once you have done a lot of walking and feel ready to progress, you can invest in some gym gear - a sports bra (if applicable!), jogging bottoms and any top and start jogging. If you are not sure how to start jogging there are plenty of on line guides on how to build up your stamina and also for certain phones there are couch to 5k and couch to 10k apps that slowly build you up from walking to jogging a 5/10k course.

There exercise for everyone and NO MORE EXCUSES!