Saturday, 7 January 2012

A day in the life of a slimmer

A day in the life of a slimmer.

I thought it would be good to give you an insight into my day, obviously not in detail but things related to weight loss.

This morning I am having a syn full breakfast - I am doing a McDonalds free 2012 and my biggest addiction was their new breakfast wraps which are a whopping 29 syns! Today I am making my own low syn version - it will consist of 1 weight watchers tortilla wrap (4.5 syns) , a thin egg omelette , 2 slices low low cheese (healthy extra a), 2 slices of bacon - fat removed, 1 eat smart sausage meat removed and flattened (0.5 syn), 1 hash brown (4.5 syns) & 1/2 tbsp ketchup (0.5 syn) - 10 syns - massive saving on the real McDonalds and much tastier! Everything is cooked before it goes into the wrap then just folded up ! Yummy!

Actually got up later after writing this so I skipped breakfast (naughty me!) as I was going out for lunch!

This afternoon we are having a meal out, we decided on Pizza Hut, used to be a big demon for me but not today.
I decided to have their new pizzerra- under 500 cals, I had a vegetarian pizza which was gorgeous & around 22 syns seems a lot but it was very filling better than 12 syns a slice for a normal pizza. It was very filling and after I felt nicely full not sick & bloated like I would feel after a full pizza. 22 syns for something nice better than 48 syns for half a regular pizza. I also filled up on lots of free salad - always a bonus!

This afternoon I finally got a fridge freezer , we've had a fridge & a freezer but fridge was inside & freezer outside as when we moved in they were donated to us to save us money but 6 months on we got out fridge freezer. As our freezer was outside in the out house we were reluctant to use it as it was so cold to get out but now it's inside we can batch cook & get lots of frozen bits to save money :) I love having it so this afternoon I went to farm foods & I got ;
- 12 slices of bacon
- broccoli
- cabbage
- carrots x2
-casserole veg
- diced cooked chicken
- curly fries (7.5 syns for 100g - a nice treat)
- quorn mince
- quorn sf chicken burgers (2.5)
- hash browns (4.5 syn)

All good to have veg in so no worrying what's in!

Now I'm making tea 1 quorn burger (2.5) & 100g curly fries (7.5 syns) that's 10 syns for tea.

Decided to use my syns better and had 2 quorn Burgers (5 syns) & scruffy chips using extra virgin olive oil as my healthy extra b so thats 27 syns used. This week I'm starting with a total of 105 syns and knocking down so that's 78 syns left for 5 days! Not bad

My day is coming to an end, I have just done 30 minutes exercise on just dance 3 on the Kinect.

I have had a green day today so I am going to have my second healthy b & a and have cheese on toast ! Then it's time to chill & watch a film!

Hope you all enjoy a little insight into my day!

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