Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A fat girls guide to exercise

I put my hands up, I am not great with exercise and I am sure I am not the only one! If I was good at exercise I probably would not have gained as much weight, I love the idea of exercise but doing it is a different thing.

The hardest part of exercise is getting started, getting up off that sofa and actually doing something.

Exercise from home
A starting point for novices is exercising from home, this is also an easier option for people who work long hours or people with children and want to get a work out when the children are in bed.

The best investment you could make for exercise at home is a wii or a xbox kinect, I have both and love things about both, not sure I could choose between them. The advantage over a kinect is it is motion sensor so you do not need to have a control but the wii has wii fit which is great for exercise.

I try to do at least 30 minutes on a day on either of these. My favourite games for exercise at wii fit or your shape for kinect, they feature games but also proper exercise workouts which is perfect. Another great thing for exercise is dancing games, your burning calories but having fun and not really realising your exercising - its great!

They are constantly bringing out new dance and workout games so you will never be bored and at least other games can be bought so all the family can use it :)

Exercise outdoors

If you have time and can brave the outdoors then this is really effective way to exercise. The best way to start is get a pair of decent trainers and start walking, short distances to start and slowly extending it every time to push yourself, summer is coming so you have no excuses that the weather is too cold!

Once you have done a lot of walking and feel ready to progress, you can invest in some gym gear - a sports bra (if applicable!), jogging bottoms and any top and start jogging. If you are not sure how to start jogging there are plenty of on line guides on how to build up your stamina and also for certain phones there are couch to 5k and couch to 10k apps that slowly build you up from walking to jogging a 5/10k course.

There exercise for everyone and NO MORE EXCUSES!

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