Saturday, 7 January 2012

Slimming student

I am a university student so there are extra struggles with weight loss, money and keeping on plan.

My saving grace is uni meals, £1.59 for a jacket beans & salad - bargain ! Saves me money and keeps me on plan!I

I get up at 6 for uni but I try my best to have a big breakfast usually cereal and fruit if I can face it which can be difficult at 6am!

Uni is a 1.5 mile walk, 90% uphill so uni does provide me plenty of exercise which I am very grateful for

In my bag I take some fruit for our 10am break and sometimes after uni nip into the shop near the train station for fruit for way home as by 4pm I'm
Very tired and have 2 hours till I get home so need to be prepared in case hunger hits!

Sometimes days at uni slimming are difficult but majority are focussed, my friends know I'm doing Slimming world so keep me on track :)!

Just because your a student doesn't mean weight loss cant happen or should be hard!

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