Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Guilt - the state of being responsible for committing an offence.

The above definition of guilt is a bit extreme for guilt relating to our weight loss journeys but for some people the guilt of giving into temptation does feel like a big offence.

We have all given in at one time, had a big blow out or just gone over our syns and I bet at one time or another one of us has felt a tremendous amount of guilt over giving in.

So how do we deal with this guilt? Move on! It was one mistake, it has happened and cannot be undone. Just forget it, accept it has happened and learn from it so it does not happen next time. Make sure you get on plan at your next meal, if you have gone off track at lunch then make your evening meal an on plan meal, do not wait till tomorrow or the guilt will be worse which will make it harder to get back on track.

Guilt is a horrible feeling, we all feel it at some point but the best way it to forget and get back on plan and the next possible time.

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  1. Too true- especially about getting right on track again (shall I not mention a rather large amount of Rich Tea biscuits the night before weigh in.... hence being happy with a 1.5lb loss!!!) I have been 100% today.... I want this tooooooo much!!! x