Monday, 9 January 2012

Obsessive weighing

We are all guilty of a sneaky mid week weigh in at some point. Is it really good? One of my friends admitted to weighing herself up to 3 times everyday and another had a sneaky weigh in and was disappointed with the result.

Some people can get weighed midweek see a result their not happy with but think that's ok I've done everything right & I will get a good result but for others it's the be all end all, they see the result think sod it I won't get the result I wanted on weigh in day so I'm giving in now.

I personally think if you can't do it and move on and keep your head on track don't do it. I do it now and again but ever regularly.

Weight fluctuates through the day and day to day that's why we only weigh in weekly for the accuracy.

On Monday I did an experiment, I got weighed several times throughout the day and here were my results;
9am (when I woke up) - 13 st 7 (0.5 loss since Friday weigh in)
1pm (before lunch) - 13st 8 (1lb on since this morning)
3pm (after lunch) -13 st 10.5 (3.5lb on since this morning)
6pm (after dinner) - 13st 11 (4lb on since this morning)
10pm (before bed) - 13st 11 (4lb on since this morning)

Weight difference between waking up & going to bed - 4lb on

I got weighed again this morning (Tuesday) and I was at 13st 6.

I know some people will always weigh themselves obsessively but I just wanted to give an insight into fluctuation throughout the day.

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  1. I try not to weigh too often but will do it on the morning of proper WI to get an idea of what to expect!