Sunday, 15 January 2012


Being positive is very difficult sometimes. When something negative happens it is very difficult to look past the bad things and find something good, a silver lining no matter how small. Not just in everyday life but in our weight loss journeys.

For example, you have had an amazing week, you have counted every syn and eaten lots of super free and exercised, yet the scales say a maintain of weight. You instantly forget you did everything you could and more and focus on the negativity that you did not lose any weight. Your not alone, a lot of us do this, instead why not forget it and move on, do the same this week and I bet you see the results next week. If you sit and think, there will be a reason behind not getting your results, you might not be able to think immediately but maybe later on, ping, it will come to you.

Sometime it is a struggle to stay on plan, things come up so you cannot make something healthy, other people make your food or it is just simply unavoidable. Do not fret, get on plan again as soon as you can, forget the time off plan and just draw a line and a fresh start. I could not stay on plan Friday or Saturday and it was completely out of my control but today I woke up, got back on it and forget the other two days, there is no need to throw a whole weeks hard work away just for a simple slip up. I am not expecting a loss this week but I know I will not gain as I have taken control.

Try this also in your personal life, it is not always easy but it is possible. If something bad happens, look for the positive side, sometimes it is very hard to find them but nine times out of ten there is something positive to look for. 

Remember...always look for that silver lining....

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