Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Temptation is something we all face everyday, some of us more than once a day. It is a very tricky situation, it is a fabulous feeling if we resist, we feel proud and like we can take on the world!

If we give into temptation, we feel happy for a short while, it tastes so good, we feel so happy. Then we finish, the happiness is replaced with guilt we feel sick, sad and regret giving in. We wish for a magical time machine to go back and resist.

It takes so much will power to resist something, if there is a fruit bowl for dessert or ice cream, I bet most of us would want the ice cream. If we resist, we sometimes sit for a while afterwards thinking about the temptation, in some ways regretting our decision and maybe wishing we had given in. The feeling is short term, eventually regret is replaced with feeling proud and we are glad we resisted.

Next time it will be easier, we all face temptations whether we are new members or target members but the more we resist the easier it gets. It will never be pain free, there will always be a tiny bit of doubt as to whether we should have eaten a chocolate brownie all to ourselves but we will feel happier than we would have if we had eaten it and our waist will thank us too ;)

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