Wednesday, 11 January 2012


We all have our reasons for wanting to lose weight; to be happier, to be healthier, to fit into a certain dress size, to be able to wear nice clothes, to be able to play with our children etc. Everyone has their own unique reason for doing it and something that pushes them closer to their goal everyday.

I have a combination of reasons, some other people will share such as wanting to be able to wear nice clothes without feeling like a hippo and being able to feel confident in myself. I also my main personal reason that I would like to share.

In November 2009 I went to the doctors for my 6 month pill review, she took my weight 16 stone (I almost died of shocked, I'd never been over 15 7!), my height and my blood pressure. I was around 6.5 stones over weight, my blood pressure was just into the high category and my BMI was 39.7, I was obese. The doctor then explained to me that I had gained half a stone in 6 months and my BMI and blood pressure had both increased. The pill I was on was no longer any good, I had suffered bad side affects from it and wanted to change to another pill that was not known for the side affects I had experienced and also reduced bloated which is always a plus! Then the bad news, my BMI had to be under 35 to be able to take it, over 35 I was risking heart attack, blood clots and stroke. At aged 17 it is shocking knowing these. A week later I joined Slimming World.

Slowly and surely I have been losing weight, it has been a long journey but I am proud to say I am now 13 stone 7.5lb, my blood pressure is normal and my BMI is 33.5 that's 6.2 points dropped! I have 3.5 points to drop into the overweight category and I know I will do that, that's around 1.5 stone to lose.

I feel very confident that I will get to my goal, oh and in case you are wondering I did get put on the pill due to lowering my BMI.

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