Monday, 9 January 2012

Binge eating

'A binge is any behaviour related to excess'

We are all capable of binge eating at some point, not always to the extreme of someone who has an eating disorder but of some description. Binge eating is what got us to the size we were, eating excess of everything, even good things can be come bad in excess.

Some people just binge eat generally, but for most of us their is a trigger - usually an emotional trigger. When we are upset or stressed because eating makes us happy and binge eating makes us forget about the upset and stress temporarily. But is it worth it? When the happiness wears off you then feel sick, fat and even more upset that before.

Some people who have/are still losing weight have been known to still binge, after weigh ins as a 'treat' or on bad days and class is as a 'flexi day'. My binge used to be a post weigh in treat, a big Chinese, a pizza & chips, pretty much anything I wanted. I still lost weight but only 0.5lb - 1lb a week. I recently gave up binging, approximately 7/8 weeks ago and since then my losses are 2-3lb so the evidence is there.

Binging isn't healthy, whether you have a lot to loose or you are at target, it is still unhealthy. Physically it is as your overloading your body with excess you do not need, but also mentally, binge eating is not mentally healthy especially if you cannot see the problem.

Some people have serious problems with binge eating and just stopping will not help them, they need long term care and help to get over their issues but for others - like me its pretty simple...STOP!

Of course I did not just go cold turkey and stop straight away, it is a gradual thing. At my worst point my binges lasted all day - eating whatever I wanted all day without a thought of what I was actually consuming. My first reduction was to a syn free, healthy breakfast and a 'what ever I like' binge meals for lunch and dinner, eventually just dinner, then just a little treat and now nothing unless it is synned and within my daily allowance.

It is hard work, it does take a lot of will power and motivation but it is POSSIBLE!

If anyone does struggle with this and does need help, you can always message me, I am happy to help in anyway I can.


  1. I agree with starting at breakfast because it sets you up for the day, I like fruit because I have a sweet tooth. This is Sheila btw. x

  2. Wow, I never thought of my post WI treats as a binge but they definitely are! Thanks, deffo giving me some food for thought!