Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Back in the game!

New year is going well so far. Week 1 , fabulous focussed 3.5 off, week 2 just went to pot, no idea what went wrong but I just couldn't get my head in it and gained 0.5lb which I was pleased with as I expected a lot more and this week I've found my focus again and had a great week and lost 2.5 which is a total of 5.5 in 3 weeks which is fine for me, 1.5lb to my half a stone loss since new year!

Having lots of superfree with meals and snacking on superfree fruit daily and drink lots more which is great. Also trying to exercise more, we have been out for a few walks but that has now been put on hold with the horrible snow we have had! Hopefully it will have disappeared by the weekend! Yesterday I exercise indoors, I did 30 minutes of your shape for Kinect and 30 mins of just dance 4, both great. Your shape consists of workouts and games and really does work, just dance 4 is more fun but still gets your out of breathe and sweaty - great exercise. I am really loving being more active and can see a difference more energy, easier out of bed in a morning, more motivation so I will be keeping up with that!

I have also signed up for the race for life, this year is my 6th and I thought I would set myself a challenge to perform the 10k! The last 5 years I have done the 5k and raised around £600 in those 5 races, I plan to walk and jog the 10k so I cannot wait for the weather to clear up so I can get out training!

You can check my story and sponsor me at , every donation helps, no matter how small!

This weeks favourite meals:

1. 5 syn for Yorkshire puddings, syn free beef slow cooked with red onions, cabbage, onion& mash
2. superfree curry, rice, chips & spinach
3. Red onion, healthy extra a cheese & ham omelette with an apple for more superfree
4. 1 syn for ketchup, bacon, egg and healthy b bread
5. Minted lamb burger (4), mash (0.5) & spinach
6. Sweet potato topped cottage pie (free) & homemade Yorkshire pudding (5 syns)
7. carrot cake porridge, healthy extra a & b and superfree included from carrot.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Forgive me, I have synned!

This week hasn't been as good as last. It started off good with a 3.5 loss on Monday which I  was estatic with but all week I have struggled with my syns and eat way more than I should so unsure what Monday holds! I know my problem, not writing things down and counting everything I eat so that will change from tomorrow and things will be much better next week. I have been back at my work placement this week though so much more active and I plan to play tennis tomorrow so all may not be lost! Been packing myself full of super speed melon, kiwi, apple and oranges to help and drinking lots of water too!

I am very hopefully for a good week next week as I plan to write everything down, got lots of good foods in and even more active at work next week! My mums birthday Wednesday and we are going out for a meal but I am confident I can make the right this space!

Some of this weeks meals;

Left to right : a Sunday tradition - 2 weight watchers sausages (0.5 syns), egg, bacon, beans & healthy extra b toast. Sunday roast chicken dinner - 2.5 syn Yorkshire pudding, 2.5 syn meat juice gravy, chicken, cabbage, sprouts & carrots. Pork, mash (0.5 syn), beans and mushrooms. 3.5 syn Ainley Harriot flavoured cous cous, carrot sticks & kiwi. Syn free chicken curry. Syn free chicken and spinach curry.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 - new year new me!


Happy new year!

Everything went to pot at the end of the year for me! 17th December I gained 6.5lb, really was not focussed, Christmas eve I surprisingly maintained and new years eve I found out I only gained 2lb over Christmas I was happy!

Now I am re focussed with the new year, I have my resolutions, my before photos taken and my plans made and so far so good!

My resolutions!

My new year photos, still 2st 1.5lb that 2009 so happy!

Notes in my diary to keep my focussed!

I bought the new magazine this week, made some notes from it to keep me on track. Fab magazine, get it if you don't have it, lots of great ideas and recipes.
This is my strength right now, got my favourite gummy bears for Christmas, decided to weigh them out into 5 syns bag so I aren't tempted to eat too many and can grab and go!

My eating has been really on track, below are 6 of my favourite meals from this week!

From top left, syn free lasagne, 1 syn fry up and syn free mince curry
From top bottom, syn free curry loaf, poached eggs on toast and chicken & mushroom pasta.

I also decided to get fit this year! My second resolution, on Thursday I did my first walk around the park of 2013 and knocked 13 minutes of my personal best! Over the moon!

 Me & Liam are doing good motivating each other to lose weight & save money. Decided not to eat out until our anniversary (23rd April) we eat out A LOT so a big challenge but will make the meal so much more special plus lots of saved calories and money!

Liam is really wanting to lose a couple of stone and is doing so well, I am really proud of him and I think him doing this is really helping me ! Love him so much!