Saturday, 12 January 2013

Forgive me, I have synned!

This week hasn't been as good as last. It started off good with a 3.5 loss on Monday which I  was estatic with but all week I have struggled with my syns and eat way more than I should so unsure what Monday holds! I know my problem, not writing things down and counting everything I eat so that will change from tomorrow and things will be much better next week. I have been back at my work placement this week though so much more active and I plan to play tennis tomorrow so all may not be lost! Been packing myself full of super speed melon, kiwi, apple and oranges to help and drinking lots of water too!

I am very hopefully for a good week next week as I plan to write everything down, got lots of good foods in and even more active at work next week! My mums birthday Wednesday and we are going out for a meal but I am confident I can make the right this space!

Some of this weeks meals;

Left to right : a Sunday tradition - 2 weight watchers sausages (0.5 syns), egg, bacon, beans & healthy extra b toast. Sunday roast chicken dinner - 2.5 syn Yorkshire pudding, 2.5 syn meat juice gravy, chicken, cabbage, sprouts & carrots. Pork, mash (0.5 syn), beans and mushrooms. 3.5 syn Ainley Harriot flavoured cous cous, carrot sticks & kiwi. Syn free chicken curry. Syn free chicken and spinach curry.


  1. Jess....I have been very much the same...was so motivated after weigh in on wednesday but have been a bit lax for the last 2 days....eating a few too many biscuits etc, I've put mine down to the fact that Im not well...but it is frustrating.

    Hopefully you won't have done too much damage if any at all...!

    Tomorrow I will begin damage limitation...hopefully I can pull it back by Wednesday!

    Good Luck for Monday xx

  2. Hey Jess, It is so easy this time of year to give in to the comfort food - believe me, the Jaffa cakes and pizza have beaten me this week. Just keep going.

    (P.S. I just found your blog and I love it! I have been following SW for about 3 months now and have lost 13.5lb (well I gained 4 over Christmas/New Year so am still working that off). It is people like you who are open and honest about their weight loss that inspire me to keep going. We can't be perfect all the time - we are all just human after all!)