Saturday, 14 July 2012

A new start

I recently joined Weight Watchers, I did great on Slimming World - 3 stone lost but I needed something new, a new challenge. I was worried about Weight Watchers  but I am loving it, I joined 5 weeks ago but in that time I lived in hospice for a week with my grandma very sick, my grandma passed away, it was my 21st birthday and I went to London - there was never really a good time to start.

I decided Saturday 7th July would be my official starting date, after London, in my first week I lost 5lb!!!! This was a combination of the Weight Watchers plan and swimming 200 lengths. I am doing a sponsored swim throughout July and August but I do plan to keep up the swimming after (you can find out more about my swim at I was so shocked with 5lb, I was expecting 2-3lb. Needless to say this big loss and spurred me on for the week ahead.

In the past I used weigh day as treat day and had a big blow out, today that didn't happen, I stuck to my 29 daily points and used 2 weeklies today. I have had a very busy day and earned 7 activity points - very impressed with myself.

Today's time line -

7:30am - Got up and used 2pp on a Weight Watchers  fruit crumble bar
8am - Swam 50 lengths in an hour earning 4 activity pro points
10am - Breakfast - 30g special K 3pp, 1 grapefruit 0pp
10:30am - Went for a walk in town
11:30am - A 50 minute, 2.5 mile walk around the local park earning me 3 activity pro points
12:30pm _ Lunch at Harvester - simply chicken, a chicken breast, baked potato and peas - 14pp and lots of 0pp salad
2pm - Cinema to see ice age, snack of Weight Watchers mini cookies 2pp
5pm - Home - 30 minutes weeding for 3 activity pro points and 10 minutes lawn mowing for 1 activity pro points
6:30pm - Dinner - Weight Watchers chicken curry for 8pp
7:30pm - Snack of 3 satsumas and 1/2 a honey dew melon 0pp
8:30pm - Supper, 4 Weight Watchers crackers 2pp and 10g of Weight Watchers daily spread 0pp

Total of 31pp used and 7pp earned.

A very busy and happy day but very tiring too!

This blog will be filled with Weight Watchers information, tips, recipes and reviews of products I have tried, any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Weight Watchers points are calculated on your age, height and weight and everyone gets the same 49 weekly points. Having the weekly points is very useful and what made me give Weight Watchers a try. I was always scared of being hungry, using my points and being hungry still and having to go to bed early! I can honestly say I have never felt that way! I fill out my meals with 0pp fruit and vegetables to fill me and make them go further and if I am hungry after meals I use my daily or weekly pro points for a snack or snack on fruit - its working for me.

My next entry will be reviews of some of the food I have tried and next my meals.

You can find me on facebook Jess Slimming Collings with all my food photos and regular updates and also on twitter @polkadot26 or email all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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