Thursday, 19 April 2012


 I thought I would share my non scale victory with you all. I used to be a 'picker' if Liam was eating something different to me I would have a taste of what he was having, a couple of chips, a bite of sandwich, crust from a slice of pizza. Overtime this has got worse and become more frequent. I have never noticed an effect on my losses but the weeks of unexpected gains could have been down to that. On Monday I gained 2lb, I know it could have been down to the wedding but I didnt think I did that bad and I do think some of it is down to the picking (last week was a bad week for it!). After Mondays wi I decided to try my best to banish the picking and so far so good. Its still baby steps but all in the right direction. On Wednesday I had none of his chips or coselaw at Nandos (when we went last Saturday I had a few chips and couple of mouthfuls of coselaw). For lunch today he had a pizza and I love eating a few pieces of crust when hes eaten the pizza and today I had none - not even a bite. It is taking a lot of willpower but I am glad I am doing it and feeling very proud! It has taken a lot for my to share this with you and feeling better for doing so. Lets hope we see a big change in my losses from now!

I have been lucky that Ive managed to give up picking completely, for others it might not be that easy. But saying no just once a day or week is a start and it will get easier and easier over time. Every little thing you change is a step closer to your goal.

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