Thursday, 2 August 2012

12 months

I have had a crazy 12 months, so much has happened and changed since 1st August 2012, good and bad.

Good -
I got into university to do my dream degree
I bought my first house
I became an auntie for a second time

My parents divorced
My grandma got diagnosed with terminal cancer
My great grandma passed away
My grandma passed away

There seems to be more bad than good but in a way that a blessing in disguise. The bad things are terrible but they have made my braver, stronger and have changed my forever. These events will stick with me for life as they've shaped my future. The bad have come in my way and made my first year of university a struggle but in here, alive and I got through it so I know next year at university things will be better.

My grandmas cancer could be linked to her gastric band surgery and acid reflux which spurs me on to lose weight and not have to take drastic action.

I truly believe everything does happen for a reason!

Here's to the next 12 months!

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