Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last night I had a bad craving for this gorgeous curry pizza from our local take away. It's so amazing and I've had it in my head 3 days so I have been doing well resisting but last night it almost got too much. Thanks to twitter & Facebook friends I resisted, had some fruit and went to bed.

Resisting temptation is very difficult and is something to be proud of every time you do it. This morning I feel very happy that I did not have it and I'm sure my body thanks me too!

Top tips to resist temptation;
1. Have a think, do you really want this, will it make you feel better?
2. Think how bad it will make you fe, can you hold back on treats the rest of the week just for one treat?
3. Wait an hour or so, if in an hour you still want it then maybe buys chances are you will have changed your mind.
4. Would you go out & get it? No? Is it just convenience because you can?
5. Is it worth it? It will probably make you feel bad and you will probably regret it.

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