Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2012 challenge

I have decided to challenge myself for 2012.

I love McDonald's and struggle to resist their new breakfast wraps and quarter pounder burgers and especially their festive pies at this time of year!!

Some of you will think I am absolutely crazy for this but I am giving up McDonald's for 2012!

McDonald's are so yummy, yes they are not for everyone but to me they are so yummy so this is a big challenge for me, I have at least one a week.

This is not only to try and aid my weight loss but also to set myself a challenge to see how much will power I really have and to make myself proud!

So this blog will not only be my 2012 weight loss journey with no excuses but also my No McDonald's 2012 challenge!

My last McDonald's will be this Friday 30th December 2011 and I will not have another McDonald's until 1st January 2013!

I hope I can count on all your support!


  1. I havent had mcdonalds now for twothe chaplange but instead of mcdonalds i will give up all chocolaye and sweets.and cakes years. but i will join you in

  2. hiya..just new to google so you will have to be patient with me!!!! I am Mary McGowan on your facebook page.....I like the idea of a blog....have lost 1st and 4.5lbs since early aug. have to have surgery to have abd hernia repair so pressure is on...following you with pleasure....xx

  3. Thanks for the support ladies!

    Good luck Mary! x