Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Smart snacking

This post is all about how to overcome those terrible snack attacks!

We all have those, mainly brought on by boredom, whilst we are bored at work, or the kids are in bed or we are snuggled up watching television and just fancy a little something to nibble on.

There are two ways to deal with this;
1. Do something to distract your self
or 2. Snack.

1. If you  are sat at home bored, feeling hungry yet lunch was only half an hour ago then its likely you are bored. Do something! Read a book, go for a walk, even tidy up (extra body magic). But do not just stay sat there feeling bored because the snack cravings will just get worse.

My biggest issue is night time, sat watching a film with my other half and then around 8pm the hunger pangs hit and I want something to snack on. Sometimes I dive into the kitchen and snack, other times I just do something as I know it is boredom, I go out for a walk ( if it is not too late) or play on the wii, there are lots of option.

2. Just snack, not all snacks have to be bad, there are so many things you can snack on without going off plan. A favoured option is fruit or veg - grapes are good for snack or vegetable sticks but sometimes that will not do and you need proper junk food snacks. A way of doing this is save your syns (where possible) for the evenings. I tend to have 10 syns and a day and save at least 5 for an evening snack. There are so many options under 10 syns or even syn free options for snack.

Snack ideas;
- Muller lights
- Mug shots (a lot are syn free, some with minimal syns but worth it!)
- Cous cous (again minimal syns)
- Velvet crunch (4 syns)
- Ferrero rocher (3.5 syns)
- Curly Wurly (6 syns)
- Alpen light (3 syns)
- SW chips
- Snack size chocolates (most around the 5 syn mark)
- Fat free supernoodles ( syn free)
- Pasta & sauced (a lot syn free or minimal syns)
- Savoury rice
- Mini milk ice cream (1.5 syns)
- Multipack french fries, quavers or skips (4 syns)


  1. Snacking is my downfall. I think it's all about planning your syns out. When I buy them I write on the packets syn values so I know exactly what I'm eating :) xx