Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No more excuses

I joined Slimming World on November 16th 2009 weighing 16 stone.
Between 16th November 2009 and December 31st 2010 I had lost 2.5 stone taking me to 13 stone 7.
2011 was a bad year with family bereavements and other personal problems, I gained just 3.5 lbs.
I am now 13 stone 10.5lb and tomorrow I start fresh and to get to target this year, my first target is 10st, that's a total of 6 stone to lose and 3 stone 10.5lb from now.
Nothing is impossible.

This blog is to help me reach target this year. I know I can do it I just need to keep focused and some support from the online community.

I no longer go to Slimming World but I do follow the plan from home, I weigh in on Friday mornings.

I am a student radiographer which makes it easier to stay on plan as I am very busy at university or on my hospital placement on my feet - burning calories.

I decided to call this blog 'No more excuse' as I am sure I am not the only one who makes millions of excuses on a regular basis to no lose weight.

I thought I was share a few of my favourites!

- One bite will not hurt
Yes it will! One bite gives you the taste for it, makes you crave it more. One bite leads to you finishing it all, then craving it more so getting another and then it is all down hill.

- I will start tomorrow
Maybe you will, but why wait? Why not start now, why not start with your next meal? Today is as good as tomorrow!

- I will start on Monday, a new week!
So you spend the rest of the week eating crap before you start, by Monday you are all motivated, by Wednesday your back at McDonald's. As I said before, start now, start with your next meal!

- I do not have time to lose weight
If you are serious about losing weight, there is always time. Granted it takes a little longer but not hours. In your free time, make up a big batch of your healthy favourite food - soups, stews, Curry's etc and freeze so it always handy! If you need to buy from a shop why not choose a salad or a sandwich on wholemeal bread without mayonnaise instead of a calorie laden white breaded chicken mayonnaise sandwich - having a diet coke and salad with it does not undo the calories!

- I cannot lose weight
Every body is capable of losing weight! You need to just try a little harder, put more effort in. No one is going to lose weight for you, it is all about you.

- Healthy food is too expensive
In general, healthier food is more expensive than fast food, especially from a supermarket. But buying a McDonald's breakfast £3, a sandwich, crisps and drink from a shop at lunch £4 and a take away for tea £6, that's £13 a day on food which equates to £65 for one person for a weeks worth of food, excluding the snacks etc in between! You could easily do a healthy shop for around £15-£20 per week for one person, you just need to buyer cheaper items and look for bargains. People are scared of Supermarket branded food - but in most cases it is no different and will save you a fortune!

-I always gain the weight back
People who lose weight for specific occasion are more likely to gain back the weight. For example, for a wedding, a holiday, a birthday. They get to that target and think ah I did it, have the occasion then start bad again and before they know it they are back where they started! Why not just lose the weight for you? So you can have a longer, happier & healthier life? To me, that is the most important reason! Once you get to your ideal weight, focus on maintaining, you do not want to throw all that hard work away.

This year is no more excuses, no more 'I cannot', more 'I can!'


  1. I must of gone through all them excuses myself so many times. I'm starting class on Tuesday after failing doing it at home. Good luck xxx

  2. Love this post Jess...Good Luck for the new year...I'm with you all the way xx

  3. Thank you both! Good luck to you both too xx